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Change is inevitable, but progress is not. Progress, however, is a result of conscious choice. Progress only occurs when we consciously determine where we put out time, energy and emotions.

We have had a look at the place where we came from with new eyes and extra colours.

Semper Fortis has drawn back its arrow to reshape how luxury furniture is designed and sold in South Africa. This requires some changes and one of those is moving our JHB store into a new space while we work on the finishing touches to our new flagship stores.

Semper Fortis still remains the storyteller as we lead the market when we launch our new innovative digital and first-in-South Africa in-store experience.

In the meantime, our JHB has moved but not far and is located in the same building. It will be open from May 2023. We offer a seamless digital experience that always allows you to shop and interact with us anywhere, anytime.

Keep your eyes on our social media pages for updates on these developments.

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